About Capitol K9 Training

Welcome to Capitol K9 Training. As you can see, this is a recent development that I hope will outline my experiences as both a pet owner and also someone training to compete in a dog sport in the Washington, D.C., area.  During my work at this, I was fortunate to encounter several very helpful resources, and I hope to give credit to those resources as well as show and tell what has and has not worked in my own experience.

Dog training is a relatively new hobby for me, but one I’ve found to be fun, educational, and rewarding. As it has advanced, I’ve been making efforts to document the progress with pictures and video which will hopefully better illustrate what exactly we are doing.

Just like people, each dog is different, so this may or may not be useful to all readers out there.  Regardless, I hope it’s enjoyable.

The dog in question...

The dog in question…


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