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It’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here, but that hasn’t meant that training hasn’t continued to progress.

This first video is a shortened version of basically having the dog hold a position despite a lot of distraction. The video doesn’t show 15-20 seconds of the decoy running by and around the dog and working the clatter stick through most of the time. Finally the recall through the tunnel and over the jump were still great. A lot of dogs would either want to engage the decoy or avoid the decoy (i.e. fight or flight).

The second video is a bit longer and has a lot of new stuff in it. To start, the dog is being sent from a distance into the guarding position. A lot of dogs might take the opportunity that far away from their handler to go ahead and get a bite in there. The next component is a down on recall. Right after that, the dog is sent back to a bite, and in this case you can see the dog trying to process for a split second that what he wants is behind him. Again, have to think of everything or the dog will get stuck on something out of context. After being sent back, the dog is then called-off, then finally rewarded with a long send to a bite. It’s a new sequence that was just thought up that day (not by me) and it took a couple tries, so my dog is moving a bit slow by the end (but I bet he would have done it again happily).

We’ve seen a lot of great progress recently with dogs in the club, which has kept it fun for the handlers as well. While I doubt I’ll get a trial in this season, there’s one scheduled very close by for next spring, so that’s on the calendar.