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I recently had an order of dog training supplies come in that included a jute frisbee. A few places carry these, but since I was already ordering a few things from the company, this frisbee came from Elite K-9.

Although we haven’t done a whole lot of frisbee work, King Man figured this one out immediately, loves chasing it, and the ability to also use it as a tug make it very versatile. Every once in a while, when the work is going well, I’ll toss the tug for him, and most of the time he’s good at bringing it right back (sometimes at full speed- which doesn’t always feel good). On the occasion when he thinks he’d like to run off with it, a quick verbal command usually changes his direction and we get back to tugging.

Most of the items I have made of jute have held up to a lot of biting and tugging, as jute is supposed to do. I expect this frisbee to hold up as well, though it is thinner since it is a frisbee and theoretically should be able to achieve lift. The straight edge may make it easier to pick up off the ground as well. A regular frisbee is hard for a dog to pick up if it is flat on the ground. If it lands upside down, the dog can then pick it up, but sometimes, the frisbee will flip up over his eyes, and then the dog runs into a tree…(seriously I know a dog that did this pretty recently)

The other nice thing about this frisbee is that it folds up and could tuck into a waistband or pocket pretty easily. This is good just for portability if you’re walking it down to the park, but will also come in handy for stashing it away if we’re working on heeling.

If your dog likes to chase things and/or tug with you, I’d recommend picking one up.