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With some warm weather here for a split second, I wanted to get some training in today. Obedience consisted of starting our figure 8 pattern, which is the beginning of the PSA obedience routine. With tight, multiple turns, it can sometimes get tricky to have it all go perfectly, as I quickly learned. Overall it went pretty well, but there is room for improvement. Despite being easier overall, our right turns were the main sticking point today since they lend themselves to the dog lagging behind as you turn away from him/her.

On bitework, we continued with the carjacking scenario. I’m including a short clip below- this part shows the continued advancement in putting some pressure on the dog for a moment, and eventually the dog “winning” at the end of the scenario.

This will probably be all we get to work on until Thursday, at which point we’ll probably continue working on our heeling turns.