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No physical altercation took place between my dog and my television (the latter is well up off the ground…thankfully).

However, it now looks like King recognizes the music from one commercial in particular, and the fact that the commercial has a dog in it, which obviously he doesn’t care for.

The commercial in question:

I usually watch CNBC in the mornings, and they air this commercial fairly regularly. When the music comes on, King has taken off from his post by the door looking out on the street and come running back into the tv room, and it was not to see me. Since this has now happened more than once, I think I’m onto something. Yesterday, I pulled up the commercial on youtube from upstairs, and he came running upstairs as well.

On a side note, we have not done any tracking training. If we were training in Schutzhund, that would be a large component of our training. King was in training to be a detection dog before I got him, so he knows a search command. However, I don’t think he’d be quite as adept at hard surface tracking like the dog in the commercial (plus if you believe everything on tv you’d have to buy a new car, too).

Obviously he doesn’t like other dogs, in person or on tv. Other animals that have now aroused his ire on television- deer, elk, bears, horses, tigers, and bison (thanks to a new commercial for Las Vegas), to name a few. Good to know, though I wouldn’t like his chances against a few of those.