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This weekend (in addition to my getting sunburned in cold weather AGAIN) we continued advancing in our PSA PDC work. At this point, our obedience work has become more technical refinement to ensure we don’t lose unnecessary points. We did a full trial run of the PDC obedience portion, though I didn’t get any footage. King Man still had a slight lag on the right turn in the initial figure 8 around cones. We brought home a couple cones just to work on that portion specifically. Would we pass the obedience portion tomorrow in a trial? Maybe. But if we can get a near-perfect score, might as well keep chipping away at it, plus we have some more protection work ahead of us.

In protection, we worked on defense of handler again, only this time using a blind instead of the car. The short clip below is a good example. The second time wasn’t as pretty in the heeling portion since King had figured out the game and was ready to jump through the blind at that point.

We also did our first out training in a bite scenario. In PSA, the dog has to out by the third command or else you’re disqualified. Obviously, you want an immediate, clean out on the first command. Since this was our first time, and the dog is in a high drive state, I’d say it was okay. Basic outs are something I can practice at home with him. It won’t be quite as realistic as being on a decoy, but after he did the out he got a quick re-bite for a reward and then our decoy Greg slipped the sleeve.

Progress continues…