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The previous two training sessions have seen my dog take leave of his senses in our obedience work.  At the same time, his progress in protection training has gone remarkably well.

I’ve had times in the workplace where most of my coworkers seemed to all pick the same time to forget what we were working on. It’s maddening, but usually corrects itself the next day.  Didn’t seem to be the case with K-Man.  He seemingly forgot how to sit.  Seriously.  We went from pretty good mock trial obedience runs to things falling apart in a few areas.  I think the added frustration is now we are working on pretty technical things, such as how close the dog is to your leg when heeling through a turn.  In addition, you do something a couple times with these dogs and they figure it out, which then means they anticipate the next move instead of waiting for your command.  This meant that after I left my dog in motion, walked away and turned to face him, he was already pushing himself off the ground to come to me. So we’ve got some things to work on…

His protection scenario training has come along.  The PDC includes a carjacking scenario- we’ve started that, which meant he actually got to sit in the front seat of the car (after he figured out he can’t get there by going under the steering wheel).  He also got to work with a different decoy, which is good generalization for when we go to a trial and the decoy will be a complete stranger.

We’re back to training tomorrow. No new videos, which is probably just as well